Celina Powell Claims She Slept With Jake Paul, Tana Mongeau Giving Her The Clout She Wants? | @jakepaul @tanamongeau @itscelinapowell

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Celina Powell seems like all she does it lie. Maybe that’s not true, she probably does some other things like talking into a microphone or allegedly having sex. Didn’t she have sex with the entire Phenix Suns team? Maybe that’s part of the lying.

I don’t know.

Powell apparently now she is telling people that she slept with Jake Paul? That’s according to Paul’s ex, Tana Mongeau.

I haven’t been able to find the video or anything where she is saying this. But if Tana actually tweeted about her, she must have been saying it.

I’m team Mongeau on this. Especially if Powell was talking negatively about either one of them.

Powell is tweeting about it now:

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