CeeDee Lamb has the greatest hands of all time

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Hand up, I was not a fan of the Cowboys drafting CeeDee lamb last season, but wow was I wrong. I freaking love this guy. He quickly became one of my favorite Cowboys last season and is by far the most electric player on the team. Take a look at what the guy did in camp today.

He just completely mossed that dude. And while part of me is extremely concerned for what the Dallas secondary is gonna look like this season, my CeeDee lamb hard-on is just too big to ignore. Do you remember last season when the guy would literally eat straight headshots from the league’s hardest-hitting safeties, while still making the catch and drawing a 15-yard penalty on top of it? Oh yeah, and he was doing that with Ben Dinucci throwing him the ball!

Despite being a die-hard Cowboys fan, I honestly think that this video is bad news for me. Why? Because my hopes are officially up for the Dallas Cowboys this season. And as a Cowboy’s fan, that’s a REALLY dangerous place to be. Throughout my entire life, the only place high hopes have taken me are a week 17 loss that’ll keep us out of the playoffs. But, c’mon, Dak’s back healthy, CeeDee in year two, plus our new linebacker is supposed to be awesome, and they fired that dummy Mike Nolan? I don’t know about you, but that sounds like 13-4, and at least a trip to the NFC championship to me.

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