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CDC Says Fully Vaccinated People No Longer Need To Wear Masks – Agree Or Disagree With Latest Covid-19 Update?

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Ladies and gentlemen, living normal again is getting closer. Little by little, we are getting there.

On Thursday, the CDC dropped its latest update to the roaring approval of millions.

Now before getting into a few disclaimers, let me just say that this is great news for everybody. I don’t know about you, but I do not enjoy putting on a mask every day. The smell is unbearable, it’s uncomfortable, I oftentimes have to go back to my car halfway walking into a public building as I forgot my freakin’ mask, the straps hurt my ears, I can’t breathe through my nose a lot, etc. It sucks. We all know that. However, I do it every single day without fail because first of all, it is the rule at my work place, and secondly, even if it helps a tiny, tiny, tiny bit, I will do my part to get us back to normalcy.

I want to attend Brewers games again. I want to go to the Bucks game without getting tested at the door. I want Lambeau Field jam packed again with 75,000 fans. I want to walk around without standing six feet apart from others and acting like we are all filled with nasty germs. I want to go back to where we were in 2019 or the beginning stages of 2020. I miss my family gatherings, just as much as I’m sure you all do. Nobody can sit here and proudly state they LOVE wearing masks and they LOVE not being with their families or whatever other nonsense. Again folks, it sucks.

Seriously, we deserve a fully attended sold out WrestleMania, not limited attendance like we saw last month. Here is a video I took in Orlando from 2017. Look at that view. Look at all those people. I WANT THAT FEELING AGAIN!

Not going to get into any political junk because honestly, I don’t care. What I do care about is everybody getting through this pandemic – no matter what side of the coin you are on. If you think it is all garbage, alright. If you are fully vaccinated and have been bunkered at home for the past year doing nothing outside, alright. I don’t care. Even if you don’t believe the CDC or trust all this stuff we are being fed, again, I don’t care.

I just want normalcy, however we get it…and based on the latest trends and news, we are getting there.

That is good news for everybody.

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