Carson Wentz Is Lucky There Are No Fans In Philly

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Carson Wentz sticks like he is a terrible quarterback. You would of thought that he may have been a player that benefited from no fans in the stands but he is awful. He is lucky there are no fans in Philly because they should be able to slap him in the face.

Can we all come to the agreement that Nick Foles is the reason the Eagles won the Super Bowl because Carson Wentz is so bad and I enjoy watching him stink. Philly did not deserve to win a Super Bowl either they are a trash city.

It is a dirty ass trash ass city Denzel is right they do not deserve anything good happening to them. The fans of Philly should drag Carson Wentz out of that city and just have a fan play the QB. What a terrible person week in and week out and they refuse to play Jalen Hurts what is going on in Philly? Screw that city who cares anyways?

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