Cancel The Big 12 Just Give Me The Sun Belt, Fun Belt

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Well let’s be honest the Big 12 is trash and the Sun Belt is just better. Coastal Carolina destroyed Kansas. Louisiana Lafayette took down Iowa State. Arkansas State took down Kansas State. Also I did say this after week 1.

Not only are the Sun Belt teams winning on the field they have better mascots. I mean Chanticleers, Ragin Cajuns, Red Wolves, Warhawks, it’s not even close. The Sun Belt is the MAC of the South, so it’s all the excitement with better athletes.

The uniforms are better, the mascots are better and on the field the teams are better. The NCAA should just replace the Big12 as a power 5 conference and put in the rightful heir to the power 5 The Sun Belt Fun Belt. The football is just better, they actually play defense. They can run multiple offenses and don’t just throw the name on the front of their jerseys out there an expect to win. They bust their asses every second, every snap, every quarter. Sun Belt Fun Belt is a state of mind.

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