Can We Please Bring Back Pro’s Vs Joe’s? – Maybe…. Pro’s Vs Twitter Trolls?

I can’t be the only person who misses the TV series Pro’s Vs Joes! It was my favorite show growing up and I can’t believe that its been 11 years since the final episode.

That’d mean that I was 10 years old when the show stopped running new episodes. Holy hell, doesn’t time fly? How didn’t this show make it? I feel like if it came out right now that people would be loving it.

Instead make it Pro’s Vs Twitter Trolls!

Get the best twitter trolls, including myself, and have us actually try to take on some of these athletes we troll. I should be a millionaire from this idea, eh?

We are all in quarantine, can we please get some reruns of the episodes at least? Something! This show will forever be my favorite.

All of the competitions were awesome! You’d always be cheering on the Joe, unless they came in too cocky then you’d hope they get smashed.


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