Can Trevor Bauer Join Donald Trump And Be Banned From Twitter For Life? @BauerOutage

Please for the love of everything that is holy in the world can Trevor Bauer be banned from Twitter permanently. I mean from the stupid bit he did with Mets fans and leading them on to believe he signed with them, to his half ass apology, to starting beef with every major leaguer on Twitter it has become watered down at this point.

We get it Bauer is trying to brand himself and make himself more marketable but he is a bore. There is nothing interested about at all he is one big shtick and he should just mind his business and play baseball because him faking this persona is probably exhausting at this point. My big question for Trevor is why would he start any type of beef when Twitter has so much baggage on him of being a MAGA supporter and misogynistic ‘allegedly‘ (I say that for legal purposes).

I just have to imagine that Bauer is the most annoying person on the planet and I know understand why he is disliked by many people internally in the MLB. He seems like he will be very toxic in a locker room or even within a pitching staff because he seems to know everything and is super hyper focused about analytics and all that other bullshit.

Bauer would get my vote for not only least likable but most annoying player in all of MLB and I hate Brett Gardener. I would like everyone to sign a petition to ban Trevor Bauer off of Twitter like his kind leader Donald J Trump I am sure he would enjoy that. My advice for Bauer would to be double his Zoloft intake because he needs it, guys nuts.

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