Can the Philadelphia Eagles trade Carson Wentz???

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The Philadelphia Eagles find themselves in a situation that can only be described as comical if your an Eagle’s foe and confusing if your a fan of their team.

Carson Wentz reportedly felt like he lost a bit of confidence when the team selected former Alabama and Oklahoma University standout quarterback Jalen Hurts in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

At first glance, the decision to draft Hurts was a curious one since I did not think he would be a high starting level caliber quarterback in the NFL and the extension Wentz signed had yet to go into effect.

It now looks like the Philly front office was preparing for a Wentz downturn only to find out their backup decision was what pushed Carson over the edge. Talk about bad front office management.

The Green Bay Packers were in the same situation but the decision to draft a quarterback in the first round has turned out to have the opposite effect on Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

I find it fitting that it was against the Packers that Head coach Doug Pederson benched his young franchise signal-caller. In the defense of Pederson, Wentz has been atrocious this season.

Carson Wentz has thrown the most interceptions in the NFL this season (15). He ranks 19th in passing yards (2620) and 19th in passing touchdowns (16).

Now comes the difficult decision of what to do with Wentz. If the NFL salary cap ends up being the negotiated $175 million dollars, the Eagles will be almost $90 million dollars over the cap with only 45 players under contract.

They will be able to roll over their remaining cap space this year of roughly $23.6 million dollars which leaves them with a $66.2 million dollar deficit to deal with. I’m sure they already have a plan in place of who to restructure and who to cut but one question mark will be what to do with Wentz.

Cutting Wentz before June 1st would leave an insurmountable dead cap hit of almost $78 million dollars. For those who prefer the Post June 1st designation, the cap hit would still be an insane $44 million dollar dead cap hit. I cannot imagine the Eagles would go that route.

Trading Wentz before June 1st would still trigger a staggering $43 million dollar hit. Still not an ideal situation. The only hope the Philadelphia Eagles have is to find a desperate team that is willing to play ball with.

Trading Wentz after June 1st would leave the team with $9 million in dead money but it would also free up $9 Million dollars. This is the only hope the Eagles have to rid themselves of Carson Wentz and what looks like an albatross of a contract.

The perfect spot for Wentz would be Chicago as the Bears are in desperate need of decent quarterback play and Wentz could possibly benefit from a change of scenery. I think the Eagles would be hesitant to trade within the conference.

A dark horse candidate would be the Indianapolis Colts who have a plethora of cap space and Frank Reich is very familiar with Wentz as he used to be the offensive coordinator in Philadelphia. No one can be sure of what is going to happen but one thing I can assure you is that this is going to be a wild off season of speculation.

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