Can The NFL Please Hire Julia Rose To Perform At Halftime Of A Super Bowl? @JuliaRose_33

Everyone is always watching the Super Bowl Halftime show and everyone knows that one of the most electric moments in Super Bowl history was when Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction”…

How about the NFL allows Julia Rose to perform at Halftime? Just allow her to run around the field and boom!

That’s the entertainment. I tell you what Julia Rose flashing the camera during a Halftime Performance of a SuperBowl would be the best moment of all time.

When she flashed the camera during the World Series she was trending on Twitter for days! Imagine what would happen if she was apart of the Super Bowl?

NFL Commissionaire Roger Goodell should consider it.

Julia Rose runs ShagMag, which is basically the new PlayBoy! It’s a pretty sweet concept and it’s working well for Julia and all of the creators she works with.


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