Can Christmas Caroling Cause COVID?

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The coronapocalypse has made its way to Christmas, with some doctors now warning against Christmas caroling due to concerns it could cause the spread of the coronavirus. A shocking story in The Buffalo News is a cautionary tale in the dangers of yuletide singing:

“I would not advise Christmas caroling,” said Dr. Angela Rasmussen, a virologist who is an affiliate of the Georgetown Center for Global Health Science and Security. She points out a yodeling contest in Switzerland that became a superspreader event this year and may have turned a region of that country into a hot spot.

Christmas caroling has been around for centuries, but when was the last time you had neighbors (or strangers for that matter) coming around the house to showcase their singing skills? This seems like yet another case of health officials and government goofs talking down to the public, reminding them that the nanny state knows best.

Caroling inside may be inadvisable but caroling outside?

The website OSFHealhcare also cautions about caroling:

Singing Christmas carols is a widely practiced tradition. But singing causes you to spew more of those tiny droplets further distances – which makes singing a great way to spread the virus. So, this is probably not the year to gather around the piano and belt out your favorites.

“Singing is not advised, due to the exposure it can cause,” Melinda said. “If you want to sing carols, take your song outside. And you have to wear masks and distance yourselves from each other.”

Is Christmas caroling going to spread COVID? At this point the public is more concerned with whether they should have family members in the house rather than worrying about people caterwauling outside their home.

The good ‘ol days when Frank and Bing could show up and start caroling with you and your friends.

I haven’t Christmas caroled since the Reagan administration but if someone wants to go outside and carol, I’m not going to say bah humbug. However, I might say…

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