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Camping Day 3: Wait… It’s Only Been 3 Days?

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Okay, so I love camping. It’s so peaceful, as I’m typing this, it’s day four. I’m a day behind on these, so I have to remember what happened yesterday…

And honestly, nothing really happened just besides chillin’ and smoking some doinks and enjoying the sun and NO FLIES… 

This entire camping this isn’t the best to blog about, normally isn’t too much content, but today so far has sucked. If you follow me on Twitter, which you should by now @TrevStonePSE

; you’ll see a billion flies.. Well that’s what I’ve been dealing with, apparently they all decided to come out today… Millions…. billions of them.

Oh, I also applied for a basketball coaching position last night, which I truly believe I should get hired, but probably won’t.

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