Calling Out Racism

Calling Out Your Racism: Racist Women in Orlando, FL, verbally harasses a landscaping crew!

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I’m back with another segment of calling out your racism, if you enjoy this blog, click here and follow our Calling Our Racists section on Twitter!

Today we have a women in Orlando, Florida who started verbally harassing a landscaping crew that was near her house. [Click here to unveil her name]

The video shows her coming out of nowhere and blasting N-Bomb after N-Bomb. The working crew didn’t even bat an eye.

The crew even sent her their best wishes and said things like ‘God loves you’ and some how this lady kept attacking them. [Click here for more information about her.]

Right now, we don’t have her name. But if we find out anymore information we will post it on our Calling Out Racist page, click here to view that page!

Here is the video:

A racist woman in Orlando, FL, verbally harnesses a landscaping crew in front of her house.

Posted by Joshua Rodriguez on Monday, August 3, 2020


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