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Calling Out Your Racism: John ‘JP’ Taylor IV, Repeat Offender Who Uses Fake Profile to Post Racist and Homophobic Propaganda on Facebook

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We are back with another segment of Calling Out Your Racism, if you enjoy this blog click here and follow our Calling Out Racists Twitter page!

An anonymous Facebook user reached out to us regarding our ‘Calling Out Racism’ blogs recently, and we got a good one here.

John Taylor IV of Charleston, West Virginia, is believed to be using a fake Facebook account to post racist memes and propaganda under the name, Don Johnson. [CLICK HERE TO GO TO HIS FACEBOOK PAGE]

The user said that the Don Johnson profile is believed to be still active.

There are also pictures of ‘Don’ or John’s posts that show the racism he is portraying.

She has also said that Taylor has gotten away with more crimes of all sorts, along with driving drunk with his own kids in his vehicle.

However, the user said to us this is not the first time that Taylor has been involved with any type of crime. [CLICK HERE TO GO TO HIS FACEBOOK PAGE]

Taylor was arrested back for racism and hate crimes back in June 2018 in violation of Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

Whatever you do, please report on this guy!

We do not want a repeat offender of hate crimes roaming around, and please report on the profile wherever you can find it. It will make a huge difference.


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