Cade Cunningham Might be the Best Basketball Player I’ve Ever Seen

Did you see what that man just did to Arkansas? This kid is absurd! My god. If the team with the first pick doesn’t take this dude the entire front office needs to be canned. He scores effortlessly, makes great passes, and fights for boards defensively. I haven’t been this optimistic about a draft prospect like this since Zion, so NBA teams should start tanking for this guy now. Like, I know the Nets have the whole Big 3 thing going for them, but I seriously wouldn’t be upset if we just decided to mail the season in and grab Cade in the draft.

It’s honestly such a kick to the sack that he committed to a team thats not even eligible for the tournament. Can’t the big wigs of the NCAA just make a Cunningham exception? Even his name is awesome. Cade Cunningham. That just sounds like a 3x NBA champion.

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