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Business Insider Working on Hit Piece About Dave Portnoy? Might Be About His Sexual DM’s? They’re Interviewing Everyone

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Business Insider is apparently working on a hit piece on Dave Portnoy. Portnoy said that he didn’t think that Business Insider was going to do a hit piece on him and instead conduct a normal interview but said that they do what everyone does. They’re nice at first and then it switches up at the end.

The female who is doing the hit piece is reaching out to every and anyone who Portnoy knows. They had interviewed Portnoy’s life long best friend, Elio, for 20 minutes. Elio didn’t know that it was a hit piece. They’re reaching out to random chicks who Portnoy has never even talked too. Trying to see if they’ve talked and to share the information they have on him. Especially if it’s anything bad. And if so.. they’re saying that the chicks names can be off record, so basically they can say whatever and trash Portnoy.

It’ll be interesting to see when this all comes out. But in reality, who cares?

Are they going to find some weird DM’s? Maybe. Actually, yes. I guarantee they do. Every man out there has some ‘weird DMs’… Are they going to try and paint Dave Portnoy as this sexual freak? Who knows. Shouldn’t though. Everyone loves sex. Are they going to talk about what amazing stuff Portnoy has done for small businesses? Hopefully. If they’re going to talk about the ‘bad side of Portnoy’ they better talk about the good side. Because it far outweighs the bad side.

Again.. Who cares?

Well.. I mean, I guess that I do in the sense of… I own a lot of Penn National Gaming stock and I have always looked up to Portnoy seeing I own ProSportsExtra. I don’t give two shits what his DMs look like. He’s a man with a lot of money and good looks. He’s been very open with his life. And to be honest, what do you expect. Hell, go into any mans DMs. It’s probably a wild place. I wouldn’t want to be looking at most DM’s that men send either.

Oh yeah, a random Twitter burner account Tweeted to Business Insider on 4/20 about this. So it makes you wonder whose burner account this is and what they know about Portnoy and this entire situation. Was this person interviewed? Was this person contacted? Is it Dave’s burner account? Who knows.

For now? We wait. We wait and see what happens. When will this piece drop? What will be in it?

If you want to hear what Portnoy had to say about this and also his friend Elio as well, you can watch The Dave Portnoy Show below:

In other Dave Portnoy news, he isn’t getting along the best with his friend Aaron Rodgers? Click here to read.

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