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Bumbling Buffalo Bills Best Pathetic Patriots in Grotesque Game

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Halloween may have been yesterday, but both the Bills and the Patriots put on a horrifying performance today. Nevertheless, the Buffalo Bills managed to eke out another messy win as they defeated the pathetic New England Patriots (who are now on a four-game losing streak), 24-21. A win’s a win and when you’re a Bills fan, you’ll take that any day, ugly or not (especially when it’s against a much-despised division rival).

Unlike last week’s debacle against the Jets, the Bills actually made it to the end zone this week, scoring three touchdowns and a field goal (as opposed to last week’s six field goals in their 18-10 win over the New York Jets).

While Bills QB Josh Allen’s plans for his high school prom are uncertain due to the pandemic, there’s no denying the Bills’ playoff appearance this season will be short-lived.

As I noted last time around, the Bills are definitely headed to the NFL playoffs, but it’s not going to be pretty when they get there. Short of an Ebola outbreak replacing their opponent’s first-string players, the Bills are going to find that scraping out wins against scrub teams like the Jets and Patriots isn’t the same as facing legitimate playoff contenders.

The Bills aren’t a bad team and while their rushing game is downright pathetic, the rest of the team have shown the ability to compete with more talented teams than the ones in their division (and no, I’m not suggesting the AFC East should be taken out and shot as I did with the NFC East). However, the Bills need to stop playing like the walking dead and get their act together if they don’t want to be considered a team that made the playoffs for no other reason than they came from a dismal division.

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