Bullpen Carts Are Back In A Big Way At The Olympics #Tokyo2020

The MLB talks about pace of play all the time and has addressed in every way possible except this idea. The Olympic committee has gotten this right though. BRING BACK BULLPEN CARTS.

MLB teams quit using the carts in 1995 and I have no idea why. The carts are hilarious and seeing a multi million dollar arm getting carried out in a giant baseball head is awesome. I mean just look at some of these classics.

These are badass and just give extra oomph to the game. This is something Mafred needs to bring back immediately and make every team have their own version of the bullpen cart.

I think this would be far more effective than throwing up an alarm clock for the break in action. Bring back the carts, and have the mascots drive them every time. Guaranteed asses in seats. Do the right thing MLB, give the people what we want.


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