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Buffalonians Cry Fowl as Chicken Wing Prices Fly High

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Western New Yorkers are in a bind right no. No, it’s not due to our sorry-ass hockey club the Buffalo Sabres, (who seem hell-bent on undergoing yet another rebuilding phase) but the shortage of chicken wings that have foodies debating whether to put their kids into indentured servitude so they can afford their daily dose of Duffs (one of many chicken wing eateries in Buffalo and the surrounding area).

Just last May, USA Today reported on the chicken wing shortage:

The nation’s chicken wars and cravings for comfort food during the pandemic have made poultry so scarce and expensive that some restaurants are limiting or running out of chicken sandwiches, wings and tenders. Others are considering changes to menus and promotions.

Heavy winter storms took a larger bite out of supply. While some restaurants have not been able to meet demand, it’s unclear if and how the low supplies will affect consumers in the grocery store

A recent article from none other than the Buffalo News broke down what has caused wing prices to soar:

The current chicken wing shortage has been in the making since 2018. That’s when an oversupply in production started to nudge the supply chain out of whack.

Production slowed to balance out the excessive supply, but then came the pandemic with its shortage of meat processing workers and a burst in demand from homebound consumers.

February’s ice storm in Texas further exacerbated supply chain issues, prompting farmers to euthanize hundreds of thousands of chicks and destroy hundreds of thousands of eggs.

According to the Buffalo Snooze report, savvy Buffalonians can’t even save much making wings at home due to the rising costs in the supermarket. What’s a Western New Yorker (which includes anyone in Buffalo and the surrounding area) to do? Well, you have three choices: 1) you can pay the added costs, ; 2) do nothing; or 3) jump off the nearby Grand Island Bridge. Knowing my fellow Western New Yorkers, I have a feeling they’ll skip luxuries like Grandma’s heart medication and the light bill to get their weekly wing fix.

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