Buckle up Juice WRLD’s Posthumous album: Legends Never Die Drops at Midnight and I am Ready to Cry #RIPJUICE

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999 SHIT! Still doesn’t feel real that Juice WRLD is gone, a young legend there really hasn’t been an artist in my lifetime that has had this much on an impact on a young generation and I know I’m only 21 so whatever but screw you. Juice’s impact that he has had is crazy and its sad that he is gone I can’t even explain it. The only thing that guy ever did was made HITS legitimately ever song that has come out on an album has been a hit in some way shape or form! Goodbye & Good Riddance is literally in my Top 5 for favorite albums it helped me get through a break up and realize I was actually worthy and better things we around the corner, and that is what I think the beautiful thing about Juice’s music everyone has a story about a favorite song by him or whatever the case may be. I just really can’t believe he is gone and that all we have left is memories whether that is concerts, listening to his music with friends, but he now lives on through his music and I guess that is something that is comforting for me at least. I am ready for this album but man is it going to be tough to listen to because this is his last project.

He was a special artist to a lot of people and I know for sure he was one of mine in the top ten of my favorite artists EASY. So I will cherish the memories I have associated with his music and will always listen to his songs and have his music in rotation because Juice is a young legend man. No other way to describe him! Buckle up this album is about to be wild 999 SHIT FOREVER! LONG LIVE JUICE!

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