Bryson Tiller is Dropping a Collab with Drake ‘Outta Time’ and his New Album ‘Anniversary’ this Friday

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Bryson Tiller who seems to have been hiding for the last few years and announces on his Zoom chat with fans him and Drake will be having a collab this coming Friday. Fans are obviously excited because Tiller had his one and only hit album ‘T R A P S O U L’ which was a mega success. I am looking forward to seeing if this will be the resurgence of his career.

I don’t know if my expectations should be high for this or not? I think I will just have to wa it and see I for sure interested in hearing new music from Tiller and anything with Drake is usually a hit so I can see why peoples expectations are so high.

His album cover is very interesting it looks as though it is the Trapsoul cover album flipped and in blue but one Twitter user has a different take on what the meaning of the album cover signifies;

This does make sense I don’t know if this is what Bryson is going for but this certainly a compelling take. Twitter sure is excited for this album because they say he ‘doesn’t disappoint’ but he really hasn’t come out with any music in about five years. I know one thing I play Trapsoul every once in awhile and it is still a very good album. This should be an interesting album at the very least!

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