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Alabama QB Takes Full Advantage Of NIL Agreement

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According to Alabama head coach Nick Saban, his sophomore quarterback has been raking the money in this off season. He says “He already has approached ungodly numbers, and he hasn’t even played yet”. Bryce Young played behind Mac Jones last season and gets the chance to take over the Alabama offense this season but it seems like he’ll be sleeping comfortably no matter what. Saban says that Bryce Young is approaching a milli. If this is true that means this kid’s stock could rise even higher once September rolls around and he’s actually open the filed. Brands are already interested in him without any real game tape that’s insane. It’s to be noted that Young signed with CAA who is one of the biggest talent agencies in sports. After doing some research the only deal I could find was him signing with Cash App. So that means the Cash App bag was hefty, there are deals that we don’t know about, and more deals on the way. If all goes well for this young man he could one the highest paid player in the NCAA.

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