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Bryce Hall vs The Media At Rough N Rowdy Would Be Huge! @BryceHall @stoolpresidente @TrevStoneCEO

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It is has been a wild 24 hrs here at ProSportsExtra to say the least let me fill you in if you missed out. Trevor ‘Trevstone’ Uren founder and fearless leader of ProSportsExtra challenged Tik Toker Bryce “Small” Hall to a fight at Rough N Rowdy after Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards teased the idea of Bryce fighting on the BFFs podcast.

I would say the video was fairly well received as Bryce Hall was quick to respond.

Trev to say the least is in Bryces head you would think he would of just stopped there with his response right? Nope Small responded again, this time with a questionable video that showcases his credibly boxing skills.

This video honestly brings up way more questions than it does answers, first off what was this video recorded with a rock? That has to be the worst quality ever and he is ‘sparring’ against a person he had to paid money not to hit him.

Portnoy said Bryce easily would make one to two million regardless of who he fought so you would have to think this at the very least is on his mind. Hall probably believes this is an easy fight and an easy pay day. But I am not so sure one thing I know about Trev in the time that I have known him is that he is relentless. This fight will happen and Trev will give everything that he has to this Tik Tok dancing fool.

When this fight happens I would like to mediate an interview between Trev and Bryce here are some sample question; “Bryce you said you have had forty street fights, do you keep a running tally that seems like a pretty specific number, based on your fight against Austin I would believe those 40 fights were against lesbians correct?”

I cannot wait for the mental torture that Trev will put Bryce through one of two things will happen either the fight will happen or Trev will harass Hall to the point where he gets a lawyer involved those are the outcomes LOL.

Bryce does not want to be 0-2 he should probably take the fight against Trev and see what happens at the very least!

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