Bryce Hall Seen Out To Eat With Tana Mongeau and Josie Canseco – Snaps At Paparazzi, Addison Rae Mad?

Last night Bryce Hall was out to dinner and was seen with other popular creators Tana Mongeau and Josie Canseco. Mongeau and Canseco are two dimes and Hall’s girlfriend, Addison Rae, might not have been too happy about them being together.

Hall was at a separate table when he ordered them shots and flowers. Hall told Mongeau while they were together that he had to sit a seat away while they were at the table so that paparazzi couldn’t clickbait them and say that he’s cheating on his girlfriend.

As soon as Addison Rae showed up Hall went and talked to the paparazzi and was very upset at one person because of how they title videos. Hall said that he knew if he didn’t go say something that he’d be used for clickbait.

I don’t blame Hall for being mad about people using his name for clickbait but the thing that I don’t understand is.. they always go to the same restaurants where the same paparazzi are at. If you don’t want to be filmed by them why go there?

In reality, Hall should be allowed to have friends, male or female, and not be told that he’s cheating, when he’s not..

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