Bryce Hall Gets Touchy With Mike Majlak’s Girlfriend Lana Rhoades – Went Back To Bryces After?? | @MikeMajlak @LanaRhoades @BryceHall

Mike Majlak and Lana Rhoades are one of the cutest couples of 2020. But one thing that’s for certain the both of them have been involved in cheating scandals.

Most recently Lana Rhoades went out to eat with Bryce Hall and a couple other people, Hall ended up getting pretty hands on with Lana.

Including a weird tap on her head which made everyone think that he was trying to flirt with Lana.

Mike Majlak who is dating Lana didn’t seem to impressed with Bryce Hall.

Even more speculation has came out after an image showed what looked like Lana being at Bryces.

Lana on the other hand didn’t see anything wrong with it, but you know that if it was the other way around with Mike being involved she’d think he’s cheating.

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