Bryce Hall and Josh Richards Will Continue To Thrive Although TikTok Is Shut Down – @BryceHall @JoshRichards

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The President of The USA Donald Trump made the big decision to ban the popular app, TikTok, seeing China was behind the app. Many of the creators who were ‘famous’ for dancing aren’t going to have anyway to grow now. Honestly – they’re going to be stuck with having to go back to the jobs they had before hand. Which seems pretty crazy to me. How often does an app have to be shut down? Seems like never!

Obviously there will be a couple of people who make it out of this – Charlie, Dixie and obviously Addison, a couple others as well. But those three are the ones that come to everyone’s mind when they’re thinking the top users on TikTok who’ll make it out of this.

And it’s mainly because they ended up posting on YouTube, Instagram, and selling their own merch. But the users who didn’t push their other platforms are stuck with nothing.

Two of the top males on the app, Bryce Hall

and Josh Richards are both going to make it out of all this. They’ll be fine. On top of their large following on social media, they both started posting on YouTube!

Not only just posting, but taking their YouTube accounts to another level with millions of views coming in per video. Josh has over 2.1M subscribers and Bryce has over 2.6M followers!

Okay, not only taking up YouTube but they both are selling their own merch and it actually looks dope.

You can click here to shop Josh Richards! Or you can click here to stop Bryce Hall merch! Josh and Bryce both have dope names, Buddy’s Hard and Party Animal.

Buddy's Hard Hoodie - Shop Josh Richards
Party Animal by Bryce Hall | Official Merch Brand | Bryce Hall

There is no doubt if these two continue to post on all platforms and push their merch they’ll continue to be at the top of all the platforms.

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