Browns Superfan Gabb Goudy Now Has The Famous TikTok Leggings And Needless To Say… They Fit Well |@gabbgoudy

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Gabb Goudy is one of the most popular Cleveland Browns fans on the Internet and over the last year her social media accounts have really blown up.

She’s approaching 40,000 followers on Twitter and has even works with FanDuel now. But one thing that you’ll realize about Gabb is that she has a lot of people who ‘simp’ over her, but she also has a lot of haters.

Today… I’m slightly being a simp. I’m sorry. She might actually break the internet tonight. She just tried on the famous ‘TikTok/Amazon’ leggings.

Needless to say.. They fit her well.

In the manner of just a couple of minutes the post is approaching 1,000 likes!

Will we get to see her make a TikTok in them? Who knows? Click here to check out her TikTok!

You can click here to follow Gabb on Twitter!

Here are some other pictures of Gabb from Instagram:


**Before anyone comes after me for ‘sexualizing’ her… I mean… C’mon now.. When someone is wearing those leggings they’re fishing for complements. Chicks got a peach.. What can I say? There are hundreds if not thousands of articles out there about influencers wearing these pants.**

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