Jets vs Browns Thursday night game review

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Not much of a first-half, defensive battle for the most part. Brown’s blocked punt led to Jets scoring first on Crowell run.

When Joe schobert dropped interception , it hurt the Browns. If he catches that Cleveland gaines all the momentum and might be able to get some points on the board. A huge break for the Jets .

The jet started finding running Lanes in the early 2nd quarter and started wearing down the Browns defense. The Browns inability to sustain drives on offense hurt the defense tremendously.

You could tell Isaiah Crowell had some animosity towards the Browns as he used the football to wipe his butt and tossed it into the stands. What he got flagged for.

Fans let Tyrod Taylor hear the boo birds when he missed open receivers. Baker Mayfield put on his helmet at that point. Jarvis Landry seems to be the best option for Tyrod to keep his starting job this season.

Baker Mayfield chants are deafening this city. One has to wonder if the coaches will give into it. History has shown that this organization will make the change. Tim Couch, and Kelly Holcomb are proof of that. The city of Cleveland will not let go until they get what they want.

Then a Tyrod Taylor concussion bought out Baker Mayfield. His first two passes were completions, third one a fumble that was recovered by Joel Bitonio. First drive resulted in a field goal by new Browns kicker Greg Joseph. Halftime score New York Jets 14, Cleveland Browns 3.


Freak accident on James Burgess when he made a good play, hope he’s alright. Got his leg twisted up in there, possible knee injury.

Nothing really exciting in the second half other than they turn over by jets that led to a field goal for the Browns. Brown seem to be moving the ball decently with Baker did struggle to put the ball in the endzone.

The Browns bend but don’t break defense gave up a lot of place to the Jets here and there during a game. Rookie Genard Avery made a good play breaking up a pass in the late 3rd quarter.

The Browns tied the game upon a Carlos Hyde rushing touchdown, and then a trick play that led Jarvis Landry to pass the ball to Baker Mayfield for the two-point conversion of tie the game at 14 all.

The Browns defense kept good pressure on Darnold all game. Myles Garrett had a sack on him in the first half. At just under the 8-minute mark the New York Jets took a three-point lead to make it 17 to 14.

The Browns took a 21 to 17 lead with 2 minutes and 4 seconds left on the clock. The Jets tried to drive down the field to try to take the lead. After converting 1/4 + 10, Sam darnold threw an interception to Joe Schobert. The Browns couldn’t run out the clock so they had to kick the ball to the Jets and gave the Jets and Sam Darnold one last shot to make something happen. But the Browns defense stood strong and held the Jets for the w.

The Cleveland Browns have their first win in over 600 days! Congratulations Browns cherish this one you deserve it.

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