Browns Fire Freddie Kitchens

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After what was quite possibly the Browns worse performance of the season, the team has relieved Freddie Kitchens of his coaching duties.  

The Browns fell to the one-win Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, 33-23. The offense had its moments, but overall looked bad in this game. Odell got his thousand yards receiving on the year and had a touchdown reception. Baker had three touchdowns, but also threw three INT’s. They also never really tried to get the run game going, as Nick Chubb was only given the ball 13 times, going for 41 yards.  

The defense managed to look worse. They allowed Joe Mixon to have a big day, having 26 carries, 162 yards, and two touchdowns, showing for the third week in a row, they were not capable of stopping the run. They also gave up 190 yards, and a touchdown to Andy Dalton through the air.  

About four hours after the final knee was taken by the Bengals, Freddie Kitchens was informed he would no longer be coaching the Cleveland Browns. This news isn’t surprising to Browns fans, nor is it a move that will upset them either.  

This was supposed to be the season that the tide turned for the Browns. After Baker Mayfield’s excellent rookie season, he was supposed to be in the MVP race. Now he is one of the lower rated quarterbacks in the league. He ended the season with 3,827 yards, 22 touchdowns, and 21INT’s. 

Odell and Landry were both going to be pro bowlers, making outstanding catches all season and both having Michael Thomas like numbers. That obviously didn’t happen, though both did have 1,000 receiving yards to end the year. Odell ends the year with 74 catches, 1,035 yards, and 4 touchdowns. Landry ended the season with 83 catches, 1,174 yards, and 6 touchdowns.  

Chubb was supposed to win the rushing title this year. Derrick Henry rushes for 211 yards today, ending that dream for Chubb and the Browns for the 2019 season. Obviously, only having 13 carries didn’t help his chances of topping a guy who has 211 yards in one day. Chubb ended the season with 298 carries, 1,494 yards, and 8 touchdowns.  

Freddie overall did a mediocre job at coaching this season. He took all of the offensive play calling duties and ran the offense straight into the ground. They looked as dominant as they were supposed to only twice this season. Most of the time, it looked like an old Browns offense that had no idea what they were doing. As a Browns fan myself, I will say this about Freddie Kitchens, and I will leave it at this: Freddie Kitchens did a better job than Hue Jackson did, but with all the talent Freddie had with this team, he couldn’t get them to the playoffs, and it was time for him to go.  

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