Browns add to personnel department; hire Eliot Wolf

Eliot Wolf, the 35 year old son of former NFL executive and hall of famer Ron Wolf, was sought out to be one the hottest general manager candidates this off season.

There was belief around the league, however that he would stay with the Packers and become their new general manager.

The Green Bay Packers named Brian Gutenkust their new general manager. They also gave Russ Ball the moniker of Vice President and Director of Football Operations. Eliot Wolf had interviewed for both of those positions and was passed up for other options, paving the way for a surprise team..

Cleveland Browns new general manager John Dorsey quickly zeroed in on ex-Packers assistant general manager Eliot Wolf and added him to the Browns front office earlier this morning.

This move comes a week after Dorsey hired away Alonzo Highsmith from the Green Bay Packers as well.

His new role is an assistant general manager, much like his role with the Packers. Eliot Wolf is a graduate of the University of Miami and has been in the NFL since the age of 22. He was a pro personnel assistant with the Packers, starting in 2004.

The most notable thing about this front office overhaul is the amount of ex-Packers scouts that have been added. For fans, it is a beautiful thing to see.

The analytical experiment is finally over and it is very refreshing to see the Browns employing actual football executives to run this team.

This very well could spell the end for current executive Paul DePodesta as well as player scouts Andrew Berry and Ken Votoch being employed with the team for much longer.

John Dorsey is looking to clean house of everyone outside of Hue Jackson, it seems. The changing of the coaching staff will most likely take place next month right after the playoffs conclude.

Eliot Wolf was expected to interview with former Green Bay Packers scout and current Oakland Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie sometime later this afternoon or even into the evening. Rumour is that the job was already lined up for him to accept.

However, he relished a new and challenging task. In addition, the opportunity to reunite with John Dorsey and continue to work with Alonzo Highsmith in the scouting department was too good to pass up.

The Browns are making all the necessary front office moves in preparing for the off season. Obviously, the biggest issue at this point is preparing for the draft.

2018 appears to be a year of culture change for by far the worst organization in sports currently. With a trio of men who know, respect, and have won with each other, the Cleveland Browns faithful can be certain that this off season won’t be a bust unlike many others before.

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