Brooklyn Nets should trade Kyrie Irving over his stance on COVID-19 vaccine mandate

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There’s a chance that the Brooklyn Nets may not have Kyrie Irving available for 41 games, and it has nothing to do with any injuries.

With New York’s mandate on the COVID-19 vaccine, Irving is subjected to be unavailable to play because it would be against the state guidelines, thus, Irving could miss 41 games because of his stubbornness.

This puts the Nets in a tough spot because Irving is heavily relied upon and perhaps the Nets second best player behind Kevin Durant.

The Nets have a choice here; make Irving, as an employee of a team with a state requirement, get the vaccine, or trade him.

It might not be a popular one for a lot of Brooklyn fans who like the one-time NBA Finals winner, but he is clearly becoming a problem for a team that is in contention to win right now as an Eastern Conference powerhouse.

Irving is choosing himself over the team, which is selfish. Granted, he has the right with freedom of expression to do so. It he also has to remember that he is an employee of a team in a state that has a requirement.

So if Irving wants to continue to only think of himself, then the Nets need to think of their team and what is best for them going forward.

Having a selfish, injury prone player like Kyrie Irving doesn’t help their bottom line. A trade needs to happen as soon as possible if Irving refuses to do what is best for the team.

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