Britney Amber Joins Eric Roberts In “The Arrangement”

Adult star Britney Amber has a role in the new horror movie thriller called “The Arrangement” which is now available on On Demand, DVD, and Blu-Ray. Amber plays a parody of herself as an adult star named “Amber” who sells her soul to become a mainstream actress.

Veteran actor Eric Roberts is once again a charismatic scene stealer as a sinister character known as “The Pitchman”.

The film was written and directed by the father and son team of Andrew and Jake Hunsicker. The story is about two detectives investigating a series of mysterious deaths. The first victim has a picture of her with the next, and with each death the picture changes to show the next victim.

Adult entertainment fans can currently vote for Britney Amber online as she’s up for MILF of the Year awards for both AVN and XBIZ.

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Shannon Walsh

Inspired by the late Michigan insider hotline host “Coach” Kurt Schneider and his “just the facts” style of reporting pro wrestling news and results from around the world.

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