Breaking: Steve Will Do It Arrested | Stephen Deleonardis Dicaprio Arrested For Third Time #FreeNelk

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Steve Will Do It was just arrested with multiple members of the YouTube prank channel, Nelk Boys.

Stephen Deleonardis Dicaprio, 21, was just arrested. Steve is known for his drinking power and being one of the self proclaimed healthiest man alive.

He was arrested with Nelk members: Kyle, Salim, Jay, and four cameramen.

“We were on our way to Tampa, Florida and we were shooting a video on the way there and the boys all ended up getting arrested.

All of the filmers, a lot of peopleon camera, Steve, Kyle, Salim, Jay, they litterally arrested everyone. We are on our way to the police station right now, just gave the lawyer a call. I’ll give you guys an update when I know what’s going on next.” – Jesse

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