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Breaking: Sofia Franklyn Issues Message About Call Her Daddy: “I Feel Betrayed, I’m Willing To Do Call Her Daddy, I Just Can’t Do Them Under The Circumstances She Wants’ – @stoolpresidente @alexandracooper

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Sofia Franklyn has finally spoken out about Barstool Sports and her podcast Call Her Daddy.

Although what she said added more questions than answers.

“There has been a lot of crazy shit being thrown around. Some of it is true, some of it is false. I am going to be 100% open and honest with you guys. Alex and I created Call Her Daddy together. March of 2018, we created it, the two of us. At that time we were besfriends, roomates, arguably like sisters. “

Then we took the show to Barstool Sports. Did Barstool Sports help blow up Call Her Daddy? 100%. After some time had passed, Alex and I then had both decided we wanted to consider some other options, for multiple reasons. One of them being for the benefit of the Daddy Gang, believe it or not. But we did. Do we regret the way we went about it? Absolutely. We could have handled it differently. But… We still wanted to work something out with Barstool. Hence the meeting with Dave. And after the meeting with Dave that’s when negotiations with Alex and I, to get a deal done. “

“This is where the story get’s extremely fucked up. I found out that Alex had gone behind my back and done something. And I found it that it wasn’t the first time. And that’s why we are here. I trusted Alex, I feel betrayed. But ultimately she was my best friend and that doesn’t change over night and I’m willing to do Call Her Daddy. I really am. I just can’t do them under the circumstances that she wants. I can’t do it.. while she is demanding that she controls the show. I don’t want to be her employee. We are partners. We’ve always been that way, 50/50, it’s putting me in an extremely tough positon.”

“So here we are. I do want to tell the Daddy Gang how much I love them, especially the one’s who’ve stuck by me during all this shit. I can’t even put into words how much it’s meant to me. Thank you. I just remember when I quit my job for us all to become a family or a Gang or whatever and… I will be eternally grateful, you’re the reason that I’m here. “

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