BREAKING: Sam Darnold Traded To The Carolina Panthers

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Per Adam Schefter the Big Righty from Southern California has been traded to the Carolina Panthers. The Jets basically get nothing in return for the ex first rounder. However, it does mean that with the second pick the Jets will likeley being taking a quarterback (Zach Wilson). Thankfully the Jets had foresight and decided to fully move on from Darnold and not keep him wasting away on the sidelines in a Jets uniform.

Sam may not have been the greatest QB and hell he may not even be a good NFL quarterback but the guys got moxy, and that’ll get you far enough in the NFL. Let us remember his time in New York with a great blooper reel of his best moments in green and white.

This gem of a graphic from when Darnold got mono from kissing to many chicks. (Likely sex haver) Also shoutout the Panthers media team for absolutely CRUSHING this.

I mean the dude while mic’ed up said “I’m seeing ghosts out there” not the biggest vode of confidence you want from your starting QB.

All in all I hope Sam does well in Carolina, get in there get comfortable with the situation there and maybe show the NFL what he was projected to do coming out of the draft 3 years ago.

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