Breaking: Rockies Accused of Sign Stealing by Former Player

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Retired catcher Erik Kratz accused the 2018 playoff Colorado Rockies of stealing signs, just like the way the Houston Astros did. Kratz went on to say that they used TV monitors to steal signs in real time, by relaying them back to the hitter using the bench and a massage device.

The Astros used a similar method to cheat back in 2017 when they won their World Series title. The Astros would steal signs in real time, and relay them back to the hitter, banging on the trashcan in the dugout. Hopefully, after multiple teams being accused of cheating, investigations and punishments are handed down.  The Astros and Rockies situations may be different because Houston used it nonstop and won the World Series, but at the end of the day cheating is cheating and it has no place in the MLB today. 

Here’s a link to the full Erik Kratz quote along with evidence in the thread:

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