Breaking News: Lana and Mandy Rose Bra and Panties Dance-Off Could Cause Riotous Run on Kleenex

A seemingly harmless Tik-Tok bra-and-panties dance-off between WWE performers Lana and Mandy Rose may have ignited a run on Kleenex, at a time when the United States is already coping with a toilet paper shortage. Let’s not waste any time and see what’s causing this calamity.

Not to be outdone, Rose posted a video of herself dancing in her bra and panties in an amazing combination of dance and gravity-defying gyrations.

The coronapocalypse is still going on and while the world appreciates these young ladies’ efforts to boost the world’s morale, they may have launched the greatest run on Kleenex in modern history since the launch of Pornhub.


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