Breaking News: Carson Wentz Sticks. When Will The Citizens of Philly Throw Him To The Wolves?

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Carson Wentz has thrown his tenth interception of the season and is again looking like an awful quarterback. Can we all collectively agree that Nick Foles is solely the reason for their Super Bowl victory, and stop trying to give him any credit. The better question would be when are the Scumbags of Philly going to attack Carson and give up on him completely.

I mean his decision making is so bad he is not a good NFL QB like you can’t defend him. I understand that Philly really has not had a ‘healthy’ season and their wide receivers have been banged up and what not but give me a break. Give the people what they want..Jalen Hurts.

Hopefully Philly gets a clue and gives up on Wentz because my gosh he is not good at all. Like remotely good he is hurting this football team.

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