BREAKING: MTV Pat vs Greg Paul Fight In The Works (Logan/Jake’s Dad vs Jesse From Nelk Boys Dad) – | @LoganPaul @MTV_Pat @NELKFilmz

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During the most recent episode of the podcast ImPaulsive, host Logan Paul had his dad as a guest and they started off the podcast with huge information.

Logan’s dad, Greg Paul, is known for having a temper and he might be taking out some of his anger in a fighting match with MTV Pat from NELK Boys. (MTV Pat’s the father of NELK Boys founder Jesse Sebastiani.)

The fight is apparently in the works as both parties want to have the fight. Both of the dad’s are known for being hardnose guys…

This could be interesting and I guarantee that the fight between them would bring in just as many, if not more, views and sales than the Jake Paul vs Deji fight.

You can listen to the podcast here:

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