Breaking: Mobster Threatens To Kill YouTube Stars Nelk Boys | @NelkFilmz

A post by Kyle from The Nelk Boys on social media explained that yesterday him and his entire team was threatened to be killed by a mobster while on vacation.

While Nelk was filming someone nearby thought that they were filming them and Nelk explained multiple times that they weren’t but the people claiming they were being recorded wouldn’t stop. After sometime went by the people who were being recorded started making up rumors that they were recording their 15 year old daughters and Nelk wanted to show them the footage and they wouldn’t look at it.

According to Kyle that’s when someone who he considered to be in the Mob walked up and started saying: “You want to see how we do it in the Keys? You want to see how we do it in the Keys?” then after that he listed off all of their room numbers.

Then the man started showing the NELK Boys security team footage of people with their necks slit, and showed them roughly 15 people dead. The man then said “do you want this to happen to you?” and that’s when Nelk packed everything up and left.

“We had to take a private jet home because we were so scared.”

Here is the video of Kyle explaining what happened.

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