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Breaking: Matthew Stafford’s X-Rays Are Negative – Surgery For Jeff Okudah

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According to Detroit Lions head coach Darrell Bevell – Matthew Stafford‘s x-rays were negative. So he didn’t have a break or fracture in his ribs. Obviously good news for Stafford and the Lions.

He also added that Matthew Stafford is feeling a little better this afternoon and “We’ll take it to the end of the week.”

So hopefully we will get to see Stafford again this year. I know Detroit doesn’t have a chance to make the playoffs but Stafford is so fun to watch. Plus personally I’d like to bring back head coach Darrell Bevell and keep Stafford.

In unfortunate news rookie defensive back Jeff Okudah will need surgery and is on the IR.

Okudah has struggled throughout his rookie season, but being a defensive back in the NFL is tough and one of the hardest positions to adapt from college.

During the offseason it was clear that Okudah was using all of his resources reaching out to former star DBs, I feel as if he will improve this summer.

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