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BREAKING: Luis Castillo Is Being Traded To The Yankees | According To Obscure Spanish Baseball Twitter @RicardoGibbon

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Translates to:

Our sources of @ConLasBasesFull confirm that on the side of #Yankees the transfer of Luis Castillo IS DONE, a big offensive name is expected in the transaction. They will exceed the CBT (Luxury Tax) if they consider it necessary.”

Now, this is huge news if it is true, however this is far from official (although my boy Ricardo has never been wrong) (this is the first time I have ever heard of Ricardo). We still don’t know who the Yankees are bringing in on this deal, and who they are trading, because the names have not been released (even on Spanish twitter).

All signs have been pointing to this in the past couple of days, and I for one am a huge fan of this deal. It has been rumored that we would be giving up Garcia & Frazier, and although I love them both, you absolutely have to pull the trigger to get a guy like Castillo. If everyone stays healthy to have a rotation of Cole, Castillo, Severino, Kluber & Schmidt/Montgomery/German would be absolutely astounding from what we had last year. It makes you a true World Series contender, and that is the only thing that is important in the Bronx.

Now, I will probably have to post an update to this blog when it becomes official (via Passan or someone), but please credit me for being the first big journalist to bring it your living room. Spanish twitter has never screwed me over. Vamanos!

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