BREAKING: Jonathan Issac Suffers Torn ACL. Please Don’t Say This is Karma

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Magic Forward Jonathan Issac was in the midst of a break out season and earlier today he exited the game against the Kings with an apparent knee injury and it did not look good. Woj just confirmed that Jonathan did in fact tore his ACL

Fans that celebrate athletes injuries are just straight up weirdos, these is their lively hoods and an injury as serious as this could ruin someone’s career and y’all are using your twitter fingers to get some clout? Grow up. These jokes of him not kneeling and then he tore his ACL aren’t funny and will never be. He chose to do something he believes in and that should have zero bearing on the terrible injury that just happened to him.

Anyways, I wish Jonathan a speedy recovery I know its going to be a road ahead of him but he is an exciting young player in this league. All the best too him!

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