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BREAKING: Jeremy Roenick Fired by NBC

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What a joke indeed, Jeremy. NBC announced today that they have fired Roenick for comments he made on the Barstool Sports Spittin Chiclets podcast episode 228 on December 18th.

While the comments he made about his fellow employee Kathryn Tappen were off color and over the line, I don’t belive Roenick should have been fired for them. He made a dumb joke about how hot she and his wife are and that if people want to theink they’re all going home together, he’ll let them. Again, not something you should be saying about your female coworker, but the man served his suspension and in my eyes that’s enough.

Hopefully J.R. can hop on somewhere else and keep bringing us knowledge and entertainment to the sport of hockey because he is supremely talented at what he does.

PS: Don’t forget that NBC let Matt Lauer do his thing for YEARS right under their nose. Crack a joke and you’re out after a month though.

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