BREAKING: Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Seen Playing Tonsil Hockey #TeamARod

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I think I’m actually starting to feel bad for A-Rod. Nobody wants or needs to see your ex girl and her new boy playing tongue hockey in the middle of a Malibu restaurant. You really got to feel for the guy, I mean they broke up and he did the BIGGEST “living my best life” and bought the fucking Timberwolves.

J-Lo and Ben Affleck have not been shy about their relationship they have FILLED the tabloids these past few weeks and I can’t even imagine what it feels like being A-Rod. I don’t envy this situation for anyone. ESPECIALLY famous people I’m sure having fat overweight bloggers, (like myself) make comments on your relationships and try to deem who, “won and lost the relationship”.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Montana Pictures | POPSUGAR Celebrity

I say we leave and good and well alone. A-Rod doesn’t deserve any of this bad attention. Also, Ben, Jenny From The Block, quit it. No One likes the PDA and you’re doing nothing great for the situation for anyone involved. I have never in my wildest dreams thought that I’d be on the same side as Alex Rodriguez, but by golly I have had my fill. Stop throwing this crap all over the internet and let my boy heal organically by leading the T Wolves to their next dynasty and becoming the next great owner in the NBA. #TeamARod

Inside Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's doomed relationship
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