BREAKING: Gabby Petito’s Murderer Kept Strangling Her Long After She Lost Consciousness

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The Teton County, Wyoming coroner who conducted the autopsy of Gabby Petito went into more detail about the findings of Gabby’s autopsy.

Forensic Pathologist Priya Banjerlee had the following to say on the matter:j

“It’s very up close and personal, and almost like anger or rage-filled toward that one person,” forensic pathologist Dr Priya Banerjee, who reviewed Petito’s autopsy, told Inside Edition.

“That’s the way angry cowards kill people, up close like that. They strangle them,” he said. “They’re looking in the person’s eyes, terrorizing them.”

Banerjee also noted that “there’s plenty of time where you could stop before the person passes out.”

“Generally it’s less than 30 seconds to lose consciousness, but it takes a few minutes to deprives the brain of this life sustaining oxygen, to kill someone,” she said.

“She’s a normal healthy girl — she’s gonna fight back,” she said. “Just punching, kicking wriggling, out, anything you can do to escape. That’s a normal response.”

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