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Breaking: Douglas Co. Atty calls for grand jury investigation in fatal shooting of James Scurlock

Earlier this morning I posted about how the family of James Scurlock have spoken out, and that they have State Senator, Justin Wayne, for family representation. You Can read more about it here.

Don Kleine has called for a Grand Jury, He calls it a rare instance…funny, you have been in the office for 14 years and yet calling for a grand jury is….rare? He does take credit for the Nebraska Unicameral passing a bill that provides public transparency after a grand jury has occurred, because they are private proceedings. He also stresses that because of the current COVID-19 Pandemic, it will take some time to put together and convene the grand jury.

Here is the video of the Douglas County Attourny calling for Grand jury:

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The Above video will take you to a facebook video of the press confrence.

Justin Wayne, the Lawyer for the family has called for the public to keep sending in evidence. If the police department isn’t answering your phone calls, keep trying. The family wants the fullest investigation possible. He even opened up an email address (that will be forwarded to Police as well), its He also insists that just because Don Kleine has called for a grand Jury, and new evidence gets gathered, Kleine can still prosecute, so send it forward.

“I just don’t believe that in 36 hours you can completely put it together.” Wayne says. He does a spectacular job of equaiting it to the Geroge Floyd case.

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The Address Above will take you to a facebook Watch Video

Like the George Floyd Protest in Minnesota, Evidence keeps being unearthed every news cycle. So ill post the Email to where if you got evidence you can help But ill also attach this, because this guy shouldn’t oversee these proceedings.

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