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BREAKING: Davante Adams Is Likely To Resign With The Green Bay Packers #TheLastDance

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This should come as no surprise to anyone. I knew as soon as Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams posted the Scottie Pippen Michael Jordan meme that they would both get what they want. With Rogers being the lone wolf in his grumpiness towards the organization was seen as him being selfish. With Adams joining in on his pity party.

Its undeniable that these 2 are one of the best duos in the history of the NFL. The Packers making sure they get to keep their guys is huge for the organization. I hate this though, just more upset for me and my fellow Cowboys fans. We just cannot seem to beat those stupid fucking Cheese Heads when it matters. Its unfathomable to be brutally honest. Aaron Rodgers owns the Dallas Cowboys. He went in late at night to Jones Manor and killed Jerry and took the team over. Rodgers has lost to the Cowboys only 3 times in his entire career…. One of those being his first NFL action ever and no one really faults him for not performing at his top level. However, they guy continues to ball.

All in all, the Packers remaining fully intact doesn’t surprise me. You just cannot lose two of the best offensive players in the entire league due to the fact you won’t get the man the weapons he needs. Davonta is piece 1, I guess we’ll see if they bring in anything else for the aging quarterback.

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