Breaking: Both NFL “Sky Judge” proposals are being withdrawn – NFL Should Be Ashamed

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The one thing everyone who watched the XFL can agree with is that Vince McMahon and Oliver Luck made the correct move in their football league by adding in the sky judge.

The sky judge is a referee who can over rule calls, call down to the refs, and make sure that the game opperates smoothly from up above in a booth. Viewers who watched the XFL had the opportunity to listen to what was going on above.

The NFL had multiple sky judge proposals on the table after the XFL’s success and well…. In typical NFL fashion they’ve taken the idea off of the table.

What a joke!

The NFL can’t get anything right. The XFL brought new ideas to the table and here we go… The NFL instead would rather continue to get calls wrong because of the fact Alberto Riveron SUCKS! The head of refs is garbage!

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