Breaking: Becky Lynch Pregnant?

Could current RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch be knocked up? Twitter account Fight Oracle announced:

Angle or real, this will change the women’s scene on RAW in a major way. As you likely recall, “The Man” has been RAW Women’s Champion since WrestleMania XXXV, recently breaking Alexa Bliss’s record for the longest reign by any champion (and in Lynch’s case, she did this with one reign as opposed to Bliss’s three).

This could be a load of crap, but it would shake up the women’s division on RAW

which has focused on Lynch as champion, but failed to have her defend the title often. Not that long ago, Lynch teamed with Charlotte in a failed bid for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. If this is a work, it could be used as a way to write Lynch off TV for a vacation or a rumored film role. Pro Sports Extra will continue following this story.


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