Braids Melo Is Making A Comeback And Looking To Save 2020

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Cornrow braids Carmelo is back and it looks like he is ready to drop 20+ a night in year 18 and his first full season in Portland. I am so happy that Melo has found a home and he is getting a chance to compete. Carmelo has been my favorite player since I could remember and it is bringing back early 2000s vibes. This is awesome the last time he had braids he was averaging 25 points per game and it looks like he is ready to do that again.

Melo looks like he is having fun in Portland and at peace. It really bothered me when he was out of the league for nearly a year and this narrative came up that he was ‘washed’ and toxic to locker rooms because he was not ready to expect a bench role. We all know that this is not the Nuggets Melo or even a Knicks Melo but this is one of the elite scorers of our generation who can get a bucket on anyone whenever he wants. Lets not act like Melo does not have any gas left in the tank. His game has evolved nicely still being able to nail jump shoots and drain threes from wherever.

There is no one more I want to win a title than Melo. He deserves this, I would of rather him go win one with the Lakers because that increases his chances but I love the fact that he is comfortable in Portland. Melo is and always will be a killer.

The braids are going to give powers I just know it. We are going to see some flashes of old Melo. Nobody has even talked about how Melo has kept off the weight and is still skinny Melo. That is great too see he is invested and going to go all out this season. Looks like I am going to have to order a Blazers Melo jersey. I know he is going to have a great year this season, believe that!

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